It is FUEL+’s mission to educate, and this program does just that. Today, we are bombarded with many and often conflicting information about health and nutrition. It is even more important for us to give concise and useful information through the different media and channels. Through different medium, FUEL+ Educator Program will embark on a mission to learn, share and spread the knowledge and passion of Healthy Eating and Being Happy. 

Current Educator:

Chrissy Briel

Simply said, Chrissy Briel’s life is rooted in natural wellbeing. Certified Nutritional Practitioner, FUEL+ Educator, and Yoga Advisor, Chrissy uses her passion for food and fitness to empower others. She educates individuals on how to adopt a vibrant lifestyle through wholesome diet, healthy lifestyle choices, and supplements and/or herbal remedies specific to your body and your life. Chrissy not only looks at physical and nutritional components of ones wellbeing, but the environmental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to move toward a new freedom of thought and relationship with their bodies.

Chrissy graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with Honours, and has a background and diploma in Human Resources. She currently runs a nutritional consulting practice out of Innate Wellness and works as a Fuel Plus Educator to spread the benefits of healthful eating. Her mission is to enlighten the mind, body, and planet by filling the gap between conflicting media messages and optimal living. 

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