FP1 Complete Greens

Daily Requirement Of Multi-Vitamins & Greens

Best Green Smoothie

There are many imitations out there, but none of them can compete with our Deep Green Supreme Smoothie. It is not only detoxifying but also a great source of probiotics. Our fan-favourite shake features Spirulina, a superfood blue-green algae!

Bone Broth for Health

Our bone broth uses traditional Chinese methods of broth making. Broth is condensed for 8 hours to achieve perfection. Bone broth is a natural way to boost your body's collagen during the winter months.

7 Days to better health

Feeding your body the right fuel is the key to performing at your best, but even the most diligent and health-conscious individuals can benefit from a FUEL+ 7-Day Cleanse Program. No starvation is required.

Pure Celery Goodness

Simple is not always easy, but celery makes it look so good.